“Scott is a well educated, thorough, and friendly acupuncturist. I received treatment from him for about a year for issues I’ve had for about six years now.
I basically had given up hope on ever finding a solution, but one of my friends recommended Scott to me, and it completely changed my health for the better.
Each appointment he listened patiently and asked questions about how I was feeling for up to an hour or longer before treating me! This made me feel confident that he was as passionate about helping me heal as I was.
I left each appointment feeling rejuvenated and pain free. There were times I would leave holding back happy tears because I couldn’t believe how much better my body felt. I had forgotten what it felt like to be pain free. With his help I was able to alleviate chronic pain, sleep soundly, breathe without constriction, and remove a lot of pent up negative energy.
HALLELUJAH! He is very reasonably priced for how thorough he is! I recommend Scott to everyone I know!

KD, Lava Hot Springs ID

“Scott is an amazing, acupuncturist, massage therapist. His use of various forms of Chinese Medicine has helped after a car accident, horse mishap, just everyday overwhelming stress caused pain.
He has helped me get my body back pain free without having to slow myself down physically. He truly cares about helping his patients.
Scott’s knowledge & ability to know what to do [and how] to help has been more than I could have expected. I highly recommend to anyone needing help managing pain, stress, keeping healthy. I will continue to go to Scott even though he is moving 2 hours away!”

JH, Lava Hot Springs ID

“Scott has helped my whole family in one way or another. We run a whole horse based business and we all have our aches and pains from our daily jobs. More than once we have called Scott and said “I need help this hurts” and in a few sessions we are better.
Another one is my wife broke her neck in and after she got released from the Dr’s Scott’s [treatemnt] was the only thing that helped release the pain she had in the neck, shoulder, and back after being in a brace for 6 weeks.
Thank you Scott.”

SH, Lava Hot Springs ID

“I have the feeling that you are so much more than just an acupuncturist.”

BB, Lava Hot Springs ID

“Just had a great Acupuncture and TuiNa session with Scott. Some good deep work, and freeing up of some very long time tight things. He’s good…and I say that as one for whom acupuncture is my main therapy and has been for 30 years!

KL, Santa Cruz CA

“As a body and energy work provider, I am discerning about who I choose to work on me. Scott provided a safe environment, skill that comes with experience, and great suggestions on focusing solely on the work at hand. He emanates an aura of professionalism and caring. Although it was a quick fix-me-up session, I would recommend him if you are in pain and seeking relief. I look forward to more time in his care.”

OM, Salt Lake City UT

“My first experience with acupuncture was with Scott Paulding. He made me feel very safe and comfortable, by being so professional and dedicated to this profession. I felt the Qi (harmonious balance) in my body, and spirit. The benefits were helpful and satisfactory.  I highly recommend Scott!!”

KC, Lava Hot Springs ID

“I have sought acupuncture treatment with Scott several times. His approach is very thorough, from his extensive intake interview, to the scope and depth of his knowledge in all aspects and modalities of his medical practice. His primary focus is to treat the whole person, and help facilitate each patient’s total wellbeing.”

BW, Lava Hot Springs ID

“Your work was EXACTLY the reset my body needed. I found you to be very professional, personable and knowledgeable. Your intake was very thorough and your needling was extremely gentle…and this is coming from someone who is rather needle-phobic!!! Not only did I pass out on the table but I got the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a LONG time. Thanks to you Scott, I feel like a new man today. I will be in Lava for a few weeks and I look forward to continued treatments and addressing some of the physical ailments I’ve been dealing with.”

RK, Missoula MT

“I asked Scott to treat me for whatever he thought I needed as well as for some tension in my back. The moxibustion really helped ease the tension in my back; and w/out me saying a thing he was able to test me for exactly what I needed and the acupunture treatment he gave me was deeply healing on every level! Life altering in a good way. I will stop in Lava Springs every chance I can, and receive more treatment from Xindao Clinic!”

JW, Duvall WA

“Scott is absolutely amazing! I’ve been having horrible foot pain and he was able to relieve most of it with one session. Plus, he was happy to explain everything as he did it, which is especially great if you’re like me and want to know what’s going on. If I lived closer, I’d definitely be a regular patient. I highly recommend Scott and his clinic.”

AC, Seattle WA

“Scott is an amazing acupuncturist. After my horse ran me over I couldn’t walk due to my foot was so painful and swollen. After only one treatment, two days later I was walking and feeling great! I highly recommend Scott Paulding and Xindao Clinic.”

KB, Arlington WA

“Scott treated me for back & neck pain that I had been experiencing for a couple of months. The pain went away before the session was even done. And I had no more pain for several months after the treatment. Thank you Scott for a job well done! My experience certainly made me into a believer in acupuncture!”

AB, Shoreline WA

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