What Is Xindao?

Xindao is the pinyin form of two Chinese characters. Pinyin is a way of representing and pronouncing Chinese characters in English letters. The way they are spelled is roughly how they are pronounced but it is an imperfect system.

心 道 堂

心 (the pinyin is xin) is the Chinese character for heart.

道 (the pinyin is dao) is the Chinese character for the way or the path.

堂 (the pinyin is tang) is the Chinese character for meeting hall or can be used for clinic.

xin is pronounced like shin
dao is pronounced like dow
tang is pronounced like dong

These are rough approximations. There aren’t English letters or sounds to get a Chinese accent perfect.

When you put xin, dao and tang together you get xindao tang, or the way of the heart clinic.

It’s one of my philosophies of of life – to follow my heart and do that which wakes it up, excites it and makes it come alive…to see where it will lead me next…

The way of the heart…
Where will it lead you?

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