Bodywork Offerings

TUINA (pronounced twey-na) is a form of Chinese Medical Massage and Joint Mobilization Therapy. The work is done through the clothing (there is no need for the patient to disrobe) and tends to be fast and vigorous. Patients often report feeling both relaxed and alert after treatment. Sometimes there is a little soreness the next day — similar to the feeling of working out too hard.

SHIATSU (pronounced she-ought-su) is a form of  Japanese Bodywork that literally means finger pressure. Shiatsu is a much slower modality than Tuina. Using the thumb, fingers or palms, steady, gentle pressure is applied along the channels, released and then repeated down the channel. This modality is unique in it’s ability to both nurture (reinforce) deficient energy and disperse (reduce) excess energy along the channels. Sometimes both can happen at the same time. Shiatsu tends to be very relaxing. Again, the work is done through the clothing.

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