About Scott


Shortly after completing my undergraduate program, I began suffering from excruciating and debilitating migraines. They would last for weeks at a time. I went to numerous doctors and specialists (not to mention took more pills than I can count). Sadly, western medicine provided no relief. In fact, the side effects from the pills often made the condition worse. The doctors didn’t seem to understand what was going on.

Months passed. I missed a lot of work. My supervisor was really concerned. He suggested seeing an acupuncturist. My response was “what’s acupuncture?”

I still remember that first treatment. After an extensive intake involving detailed health history, dietary and lifestyle evaluation, the acupuncturist told me all about acupuncture. After I was reassured (to be completely honest, I was really nervous about it), the acupuncturist told me what he thought was going on and that he thought he could help.

When the needles went in, the effects were almost immediate. I felt my body just kind of settle. My mind calmed down and my breathing rate slowed. Then the most miraculous thing happened…the pain levels dropped. In that time on the table, in that settled state, the idea of becoming an acupuncturist crossed my mind. Looking back, I see this as the beginning of a whole new life.

Throughout the years of getting consistent treatments, I realized that it wasn’t just the headaches that were changing. I was able to identify several food triggers. I had to learn how to work with stress better. I had to learn how to live differently. I had to learn self-care. Because of the migraines, I became a completely different person. It wasn’t just a physical shift, it was a mind and spirit shift as well.

I started my holistic education at the Onondaga School for Therapeutic Massage in Rochester NY. In 2004, I became a License Massage Therapist. Shortly after this, I moved to Seattle. After being laid off for the second time in the tech field, I decided to finally go pursue acupuncture as a career. I began attending the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM). In the late summer of 2013, I graduated.

During my breaks from grad school, I would visit the Great Basin areas of Idaho and Utah and just fell in love with the high-altitude deserts. I practiced in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho for 4 years. I did as much as I could to get a practice going while I lived there. Unfortunately it just wasn’t in the cards. So I moved to Logan, Utah and I’m getting my practice going again.

For almost 20 years, acupuncture has been my go-to for health and well-being. I absolutely believe that acupuncture — kind, compassionate, and holistic care — changed my life. No matter how rough it can get some times, I’m so much better off now. I’m a slow learner; slow to change. It took me a while.

And I wonder, if all this could happen for me, what can happen for you? What does your heart tell you?

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